June 2019 - We are no longer selling equipment form this site, but rather will be converting to a web site that described various ways to use computers & technology afforably and green. Stay tuned! 

Green computing


Save the earth - go green!Most electronics items contain toxic substances such as lead, mercury and cadmium, which damage the environment if not properly disposed of. It's estimated that a billion computers could be obsolete each decade from now on and that number will grow. In the USA, electronic waste comprises only 2% of all waste going to landfills, yet represents 70% of all toxic waste in landfills. Often electronic waste is exported to countries with much less stringent environmental safeguards. By buying recycled laptops, desktops and tablets, you're making a significant contribution to keeping toxic wastes out of our environment.


Affordable Green Technology recycles technology  but so do other places, what makes us different?

We disassemble, clean and test everything that comes in. We note what doesn't work and fix it if possible. We fully document the exact condition of everything for sale so you can make an informed buying decision. AND sometimes we get a little crazy with select items: we enhance, we This is what we'd look like if we had a clean room!extend, we push it past its original concept. We build things that you won't find anywhere else. We love these kinds of things. And we stand behind everything we sell.



Its easy to get carried away by the latest and greatest!Most people have a standard and basic number of things they do on a computer - bring work home, run a spreadsheet, edit documents, check and answer email, web browse, buy things online and dump camera/phone pictures. Most computers, even those from 4 to 8+ years ago, can do these quite nicely. Today's quad and above core processors are awesome, but unnecessary (and expensive) for most computing needs and you pay a $ premium. Unless you're into serious gaming, rendering 3D graphics or other high-end computer uses, buying recycled makes sense on so many levels; it just works.

affordablegreentech.com is a Microsoft-Certified Hardware Refurbisher

Microsoft RefurbisherMicrosoft Authorized!DymaxLLC, the company behind affordablegreentech.com, is certified as a Microsoft Authorized refurbisher. To quote from Microsoft: "End user customers will benefit from quality refurbished PCs preinstalled with genuine licenses for Microsoft software. Genuine licenses mean they will be able to access the benefits of downloads, updates, and enhanced features such as free anti-virus software." To quote from us: participation in the Microsoft registered refurbisher program ensures that our standards for our computers remains high and allows us to load the latest operating systems legally and affordably onto the computers that we sell, passing the savings on to you! Win-Win!


Welcome to affordablegreentech.com. Here we combine our love of technology with a fanatic devotion to detail and a desire to recycle old equipment that would normally wind up in a  landfill with a strong desire to earn a living! We like working on old computers like some people like working on old cars (and back in the day, we used to work on old cars!).  We love tweaking and tuning computers to extract every last ounce of performance