Dell OptiPlex 755 Desktop Computer

Dell Optiplex 755 Dell Optiplex 755 Dell Optiplex 755 Dell Optiplex 755

PC Magazine said it best regarding the Dell Optiplex 755 computer: "If you think of green PCs as feeble machines scrunched into a microscopic form factor, you haven't seen the Dell OptiPlex 755 ($1,183 direct). Despite its sizable mid-tower frame, which offers plenty of room for expansion, the OptiPlex 755 has abundant green cred in its EPEAT Gold and Energy Star 4.0 ratings, the most stringent currently available. The 755 is useful for businesses that needs a little bit more than the standard desktop PC for their workers." (the price quoted was what it originally sold for).

It's a powerful capable computer with decent video performance. It's energy efficient: again from PC Magazine: "While running in idle, with the desktop on the screen and no other apps open, the OptiPlex 755 used about 50W of power. That's pretty good compared with mainstream desktops that expend about 70W to 80W in idle, but it's a little more than some other energy-efficient desktops that idle at 30W to 37W. This number is important, because PCs are essentially in the idle state when they are being used for Office tasks like word processing and e-mail. In the "worst-case" power-use scenario, when the OptiPlex is performing 3D rendering, the system consumes an average of only about 70W. That's about as much as an incandescent light bulb, so even under load the OptiPlex 755 is an energy-efficient desktop."

In fact, it's pretty much everything you'd need in a computer: a medium-sized PC that can sit horizontally or as a tower. It's got a dual-core 64-bit capable processor meaning that it can handle anything that you throw at it.

These are currently selling at Newegg for $144 (with Windows 7, 2 GB's of RAM and a 160 GB hard disk drive)

These computers were purchased at a government auction; their COA (Certificate of Authenticity or a tag representing your operating system license) is for Windows XP, but they have been updated with 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium. This means that prior to microsoft's July 29 deadline, they can be upgraded for free to Windows 10 (which they run just fine). Since the processor if 64-bit capable, that means that it can "see" and use more than 3 GB's of RAM memory. Windows 7 and 10 work better with more memory, something to keep in mind (these computers can take 8 GB's maximum). Here are the basic specs as delivered:

  • Intel dual core Core2Duo E4500 2.2.GHz 64-bit capable
  • 3GB of DDR2 RAM Memory (maximum 8 GB)
  • 120 GB SATA hard drive or larger
  • ATI-102-B17002(B) 256MB DVI & Video Card
  • Optical Drive: DVD+/-RW (Plus Minus)
  • Easy open case
  • Dimensions H: 15.65" W: 4.59" D: 14.25"
  • Integrated 10/100/1000 Network
  • Integrated High Definition audio (all ports are stereo)
  • 8 USB 2.0 connectors (2 Front & 6 Rear)
  • Microphone Jack ( Front )
  • Headphone Jack ( Front )
These computers are clean, tested and verified working. The operating system (Windows 7 Home Premium) is patched and up-to-date. Our standard suite of productivity software is included so the computer works right out of the box with nothing else needed.

All Dymax Computers come with 1 month of remote support (if there's a problem, contact us and we'll remote into it, diagnose and repair it no charge in the first month)and six months warranty on parts. USB Keyboard, mouse and power cord included.

We deliver (no charge) in the greater Chicagoland area. Contact us to discuss custom specifications.



4 GB's RAM

8 GB's RAM

Add wireless network capability