Welcome to affordablegreentech.com. Here we combine our love of technology with a fanatic devotion to detail and a desire to recycle old equipment that would normally wind up in a  landfill with a strong desire to earn a living! We like working on old computers like some people like working on old cars (and back in the day, we used to work on old cars!).  We love tweaking and tuning computers to extract every last ounce of performance

The Artisans Workshop by David Jeffery

out of them, making something that someone thought was at the end of the line into a capable and efficient workhorse that can handle all of your basic computing needs. We sometimes have a problem parting with the computers that we refurbish!

We also love the idea of in some small way reducing the amount of toxic wastes that return to landfills. Computers and computer equipment is accounting for a larger and larger share of toxic waste, and much of this equipment is very likely useable and fix-able. It's our contention that most people's computer needs don't require quad-and-above core processors running 8 GB's of RAM with Windows 8 loaded. In fact, computers from 5 to 10 years ago - properly configured - are more than enough to do everything you need a computer to do.

Once we have the computer's hardware tuned and running perfectly, we install a capable and free suite of software that we use ourselves. Your computer is capable of doing useful work for you from the moment you unbox it and turn it on. No crapware, no bloatware, just capable useful programs installed and configured.And every computer that we sell comes with a 90-day warranty against defects and failure, along with 90 days of remote support. Buy from us with confidence and enjoy your purchase!