Desktop Computers for Sale

We currently sell the HP Compaq and two flavors of the Dell Optiplex 755. Don't make the mistake of thinking these are underpowered oldies, especially the upgraded Optiplex 755. They are all business-class computers meaning durability and easy access, and they include a complete suite of installed software that makes them productive from the moment they are turned on. All Dymax computers include 1-month of free remote support and 6 months warranty on parts. The HP and Dell are available in quantity. Call or email regarding "one-of's" we always have circulating through the shop!



Compaq HP DC 5750Starts at $90!


Dell Optiplex 755


Starts at $120


Cybernet iOne GX-31

Starts at $275

This HP Compaq DC5750 Desktop Computer comes with powerful components in a small form factor design that saves precious space. 

The OptiPlex 755 offers energy-efficient performance and capability in a superbly-affordable mainstream desktop.

The Optiplex 755 SUPER starts with our capable Optiplex 755 (left), changes the CPU to a  Quad core, ups the memory and adds a Solid state drive for a super stable screamer of a computer.





Each Dymax desktop computer, laptop computer or tablet is loaded with a suite of software that makes it instantly productive right out of the box - but includes NONE of the bloatware/crapware that comes installed on new PC's.

A Full Suite of Software!