Here's the laptops that we have for sale currently. We try to have one or two basic cost-effective and productive machines that can be available in quantity.




IBM Thinkpad x41

A precursor to tablets! PC Magazine says "The ThinkPad X41 is a great, solid ultraportable, with improved security and performance." Amazing handwriting recognition! A cool laptop that's also a tablet.

HP G62


HP G62

The HP G62 is a workhorse laptop with HP quality and a dual-core processor driving a 15.3" screen. These are in excellent condition and will work beautifully for whatever your need.

IBM R50e Thinkpad

IBM Thinkpad R50e

Notebook review said: "If you’re looking for a no-nonsense notebook for study and/or work, the ThinkPad R50 is the one for you."


When we get a laptop, it's thoroughly evaluated physically - screen, hinges, fan etc. Does it do everything that its supposed to do? Do all the buttons and switches work? Based on that evaluation, we evaluate what if any parts are necessary to bring it up to where it needs to be and what it would cost. And whether it makes financial sense to repair it.  Are there parts that would enhance or upgrade it that would make it more compelling to you?

A Cable Guy

Then it's disassembled, partially or completely. If part replacement requires it, we'll completely disassemble it. If not, we'll take it down far enough to check it out and thoroughly clean the inside, especially the cooling fan assembly where all the dust, fuzz and cat hairs have accumulated.

Then we'll look closely at the hard drive to make sure it's still reliable and fast/large enough for your needs (swapping a new one in place if not, sometimes even upgrading to an SSD or Solid State Drive, no moving parts, all storage chips). We pay particular attention to the battery, as all batteries fail over time and most used laptops have poor batteries. Eventually we have a clean and functional laptop that we install our standard software load onto, using the Windows COA from the sticker on the bottom. End result: a beautifully reconditioned and extremely functional laptop when it leaves here.Happy People