The Dell Optiplex 755 SUPER!These super Dell optiplexes really grew out of an experiment. The normal Optiplex is a capable workhorse of a dual-core computer. But sometimes people need more. What if you could rev-up the 755's innards and really get it running superbly to create a high-end machine for those people that needs more performance than the 755 normally this even possible?

Long story short....much research, much trial and much experimentation has resulted in offering the Dell Optiplex 755 SUPER. Everything about it is super:

         - The processor is an Intel Quad-Core "Yorkfield" Q9400, running at 2.66 GHz.
         - It's running 4 or 8 GB's of RAM
         - Its storage is a super-speedy solid state drive.


Geekbench is a software benchmarking package the measures every aspect of the performance of a computer and reduces it to one numerical score. It allows you to roughly compare computers performance at a glance. The "geekbench" score for one of my standard Optiplex 755 computers is almost exactly 3000. The Geekbench score for one of these SUPER optiplex computers is 5943, an amazing 98.1% increase! 

And the best part is that working with these new parts, the computer remains cool - the Dell heatsink easily handles the load, as does its power supply. The final configuration is super stable, super smooth and super-fast. It runs Windows 10 like a champ.

Much  to my own surprise, when  had finished building and testing one of these, I found it to be close in performance to my main workjing computer, a hand-built one which I consider to be a powerhouse machine which has done everything that i've needed it to do for a long while. Consequently I configured a super to be my backup machine...if my computer dies (the one I run this business on) then i can swap in my backup Super and not miss a beat.

I think whatever you need to do on a computer, the super will be more than up to it.

        Base model $275 Includes Intel Q9400 Quad-Core processor, 4 GB's of RAM and  120 GB Solid State Drive
        add $50 Add 4 GB's for 8 GB total
        add $70 240 GB Solid State Drive

Please note that custom configurations can be built with up to 16 Gb's of memory, different SSD drives and a second hard disk for storage. Call / email for pricing!

Warranty - All Optiplex Supers are warrantied for 6 months, that's 3 months more than the industry standard for refurbished hardware.

Think I can navigate the inside of one of these in my sleep